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nomadic academy Munich 1

The NOMADIC ACADEMY will have its first Munich platform in December 2019. Here all participants of the research group will come together. In workshops, trainings and discussions the subjects of free spaces, alternativ spaces and border(s) with a focus on evasion, displacement and resistance will be tackled. These topics will be explored under the keywords QUER and QUEER (QUER – a German term which means cross, transvers, diagonally), that will be the starting points for a practical and theoretical research journey. The NOMADIC ACADEMY invites the public to join the research journey with a row of public events – nomadic party, nomadic training, nomadic reading and nomadic performance with “ART AND LOVE” by Maija Hirvanen.

Have a look at our events in Munich 2019: nomadic academy Munich 1


Dez 09 - 18 2019





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